We will find for you oncologists in Russia with a remission of up to 80%. We will organize treatment in leading government centers and private clinics in Moscow.


Medical rehabilitation after surgery. We will help restore health and disability. Cheap offers, quality service.


We will select a competent surgeon and a medical center that uses the latest technology in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

About company

AlphaMed — medical tourism company: assistance in treatment in Russia.
Big experience: AlphaMed founded in 2015.

— Diagnostics
— Survey
— Selection of Clinics and Specialists

We are with you throughout your stay.
AlphaMed will prepare entry documents, offer accommodation options, arrange arrival and transfer, as well as escort and medical translation. We guarantee the complete confidentiality of all information we receive from you as a part of our cooperation.

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Trust us

We have over 400 patients with 150 doctors in 56 health centres and private clinics.

AlphaMed - affordable treatment in leading state centers and private clinics of Russia.

Organization of medical tourism — our profession.
We provide full information support: you can ask
any question of interest about examination,
treatment or rehabilitation.

We will quickly process your request.

We will find the right clinic and specialists for your case.

We will organize your escort from the door of the house to the doors of the clinic.

After treatment, we will control your well-being.

The largest medical centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg

• Innovative treatments

• Highly qualified doctors

• Optimal prices

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AlphaMed provides a unique service in arranging treatment in Russia. The leader in the field of medical tourism in Russia: Alphamed — the first, since 2015, builds the system of organization of medical assistance to foreigners in the sphere of high-tech and innovative medicine in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Big experience

We work only with highly qualified doctors who have already saved thousands of lives. A consultation of specialists of such rank in another country you will wait several months. Russian doctors will be able to help you much faster.

Optimal prices

We offer high-quality service at reasonable cost. Medical care in Russia is much cheaper than in Europe, Asia, and the USA, but the capital’s clinics are also equipped with advanced world medicine centers.

Premium terms

All leading Russian public and private clinics are available to our clients. We have direct contracts, so our patients are always diagnosed and hospitalized through the green corridor.


Key activities of AlphaMed

1. Breast Cancer (BC)
2. Uterine Cancer
3. Lung cancer
4. Cancer of the organs of the head and neck

1. After a cerebral injury
2. After a heart attack or stroke
3. After joint replacement surgery

1. Hip replacement surgery
2. Knee replacement surgery